2019 Brampton Flower City Invitational

Skate Canada Brampton Chinguacousy is excited to be hosting an upcoming Super Series competition, the 2019 Brampton Flower City Invitational.

It is our pleasure to be able to host skaters from across the province here at Cassie Campbell from February 15th to 17th.

In order to run a successful and exciting event, we require the support of our members in volunteer roles. Sign up for volunteer roles is now taking place in the SCBC club office during regular office hours. Please see below for a description of all volunteer roles.


SCBC Description of Duties for Competitions

  • Bronze and higher-level skaters require 15 hours of volunteer time.
  • All shifts require a 3 hours Note: Last 3 hours of any competition – these hours may vary slightly.
  • Each area of the competition has a lead or leads who provided full direction for all volunteers.
  • Parents are required to complete volunteer hours for their skaters, even if you have a teenager skater.
  • If you are a student, please bring your school’s volunteer sheet with you to the competition if you wish it to be signed.
  • Please bring your volunteer cards with you on the day of the competition to have them signed by a board member. THIS WILL NOT BE DONE AT A LATER DATE!



  • Need considerable number of volunteers.
  • Prepare meals for volunteers and officials for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Some food prep, cleaning of cooking utensils, tables.
  • Prep hospitality cart with soup, tea coffee, cold drinks, sandwiches, and other food items.
  • Receive food donations dropped at various times of the year.


Hospitality Cart

  • Students welcome (12 plus)
  • Hospitality cart is used to deliver food and beverages to volunteers at ice level and upstairs, this includes vendors
  • Food prep, clean up and odd jobs in Hospitality Suite


Data Runners

  • Take results from judges to accountants.
  • Post results on the walls.
  • Drop off results to medal table.


Ice Captains

  • Ensure skaters are dressed and ready 30 minutes prior to start time.
  • Have skaters in order of performance.
  • Ensure speedy on and off ice to keep the event running on time.



  • Register skaters and skaters’ music for their event.
  • Hand out gift items to competitors.
  • Hand out competition tags to competitors, volunteers, and officials
  • Ensure officials and coaches sign in as well as skaters.
  • Notifies Ice Captain of No SHOWS.


Music Runners

  • Students welcome.
  • Music runners are located at Registration table.
  • Assist with music intake and returns.
  • Deliver and pick up to the music room.


SCBC Description of Duties for Competitions (cont.)

Medal Table

  • A schedule of presentation times will be provided.
  • Posting of all results will be brought to table.
  • For STAR 5 and higher, including competitive levels, skaters will be presented with medals (otherwise informed) and skaters must sign off that they received their medals.
  • Using a script, announce the medalists.



  • Great volunteer position for fathers
  • Stand at an assigned location and provide direction to others.
  • Ensure only coaches and skaters are at ice level
  • Send all other people to viewing area
  • Ensure all people entering the stands have paid their admission fees
  • We must have several volunteers per shift.


Set Up – Direction will be provided for all tasks

  • Judges stand to be set up for pad B, looking for fathers to assist with this
  • Posting of all events titles and starting orders – direction to what will be posted in Pad A and Pad B will be provided
  • Posting of all signs (ads) to the boards, Direction will be provided
  • Ensure tables are in the correct location for registration, medal table, videos, judges tables, vendors (these are to be set up by the facility staff)
  • Help skirt tables in lobby and upstairs
  • Bring hospitality supplies from music room in Pad A to Hospitality Suite, food donations and  help skirt tables in the room


Take Down – Direction will be provided for all tasks

  • Judges stand to be dissembled in pad B, looking for fathers to assist with this
  • Remove all posting of all events titles and starting orders and results
  • Remove all signs (ads) on the boards
  • Help remove and fold all tablecloths in lobby and upstairs
  • Bring hospitality supplies and food donations from hospitality suite to the music room in Pad A to Hospitality Suite
  • Any perishable food donations to be assembles for the local food shelter
  • Remove tables cloths and fold them – to be returned to music room


Volunteering makes our club stronger!

Thank you for your time.