Skate Sharpening – Tuesday, December 3rd

Paul Fisher will be in on Tuesday, December 3rd for skate sharpening for our members.

Sharpening will be done in Dressing Room 2 starting at 10:00am until finished.

Please leave skates, with payment inside one of the skates, in the cabinet in dressing room #2 in Arena/Pad A. Skates should be placed in the cabinet and not left out in the dressing room.

Skates that are not placed in the cabinet will not be locked up and you risk losing them.

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$10.00 for Canskate to Star 1 Skaters
$15.00 for Star 2 and above skaters

Fees can be paid by cash or cheque and should be placed inside of the skates. Cheques are to be made out to Fisher Sharpening.

<em>**please ask your coach if you are uncertain about the level of your skater</em>

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Please feel free to reach out to your coach or to if you have any questions.