Super Series #12: LaSalle Results

Several of our Adult skaters travelled to the Windsor area last month to compete in the 12th stop on the Super Series Circuit.

Our skaters had some fantastic performances and came home with quite the medal haul. Congratulations to all of our athletes and coaches!


Athena Kotselidis – 1st – Silver Women (YA)
Athena Kotselidis – 4th – Silver Women Interpretive (YA Class 1)
Athena Kotselidis – 2nd – Silver Solo Dance (YA Class 4)


Alexandra Hawse – 1st – Bronze Women (YA Class 1, 3)
Alexandra Hawse – 2nd – Bronze Women Interpretive (YA Class 1)
Alexandra Hawse – 1st – Bronze Solo Dance (YA Class 3)


Elizabeth Davison – 2nd – Bronze Women (YA Class 1, 3)
Elizabeth Davison – 1st – Introductory Women Interpretive (YA Class 2,4)