SCBC provides a competitive session for skaters who have an expressed interest in the discipline of Ice Dance.

The ice dance program is designed for teams starting at the Star level through to the Senior National level. This program is designed to encourage competitive ice dance at all levels with intensive training in the areas of presentation, musicality, competitive training, flexibility, dance patterns and elements.



Competitive Ice dancing resembles ballroom dancing on the ice so the emphasis is on a graceful and entertaining routines that could easily be done on the ground. Ice dancers must dance to music that has a steady beat or rhythm, Ice dancers do intricate footwork sequences to music. There are several pattern ice dances, which include set patterns and set steps, that figure skaters can learn and master. Ice dancers are judged more on the precision of their footwork.

For all inquiries and requests, as well as, for approval to skate on this session, please contact Matthew Doleman or Pamela Krolick