2017-2018 CanSkate Registration Information

The 2017/2018 CanSkate season runs from Sept 2017-June 2018.

CanSkate is our Learn-To-Skate Session and skaters must reach 4 years of age by December 31st, 2017, to register for the program.

Payment may be made by credit card (preferred option), cheque payable to Skate Canada Brampton-Chinguacousy (SCBC), debit or cash. All payment must be in CAD dollars. The SCBC Board reserves the right to amend the individual session qualifications and change the posted schedule at any time, as necessary for successful operation of club programming.

When registering for any SCBC scheduled session, the following fees will be automatically added to your invoice:

  • Skate Canada Membership Fee $32.00 (Mandated by Skate Canada)
  • Skate Canada Safe Sport Fee $3.00 (Mandated by Skate Canada)
  • Skate Canada Insurance Fee $0.65 (Mandated by Skate Canada)
  • SCBC Administration Fee $9.35

These annual fees (covering Sept 2017-Sept 2018) are collected by SCBC and remitted to Skate Canada on the skater’s behalf.

Skate Canada Brampton-Chinguacousy reserves the right to change/modify the published skating schedule and session program requirements, without prior notice for the effective operation of the club.

CanSkate participants are required to register for a minimum of one (1) day. CanSkate participants are free to register for additional session at their choosing. If registering for additional days, skaters will be able to take advantage of additional session discounts (see CanSkate pricing structure for additional details).

CanSkate participants are able to work with a private coach for additional lessons, during the final 10 minutes of the session. Please refer to the “Coaches” section on our website to obtain SCBC contracted coaches bios and contact information if you have not secured the services of a private coach at this time.

CanSkate Session skating days –  

Monday 6:45 pm- 7:35 pm Pad A

Tuesday 6:15 pm – 7:05 pm pad B

Wednesday 6:45 pm- 7:35 pm Pad A

Thursday 6:15 pm – 7:05 pm pad B

Friday 7:15 pm – 8:05 pm Pad A

Saturday 9:15 am – 10:05 am  Pad B


CanSkate Bridging Session – This session is schedule on Saturday mornings and is open to all CanSkate registrants who have successfully completed all stage 4 level requirements of the Skate Canada CanSkate Program, and are working with a private coach. Participation in this session will be at the invitation of the skater’s coach. Please do not register for this session without first speaking to your private coach. Registration in this session can be done to provide additional development opportunities for the skater.

The CanSkate Bridging session includes 2 group lessons, to be led by a member of the SCBC coaching member. These are 15 minute lessons that will occur during the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes of the session. These group lessons are available to all skaters on the session and are already included in the session registration fee. However, participation on a daily basis may be affected periodically by the “private lesson” schedule set out by your skater’s coach.

CanSkate / Bronze Bridging Session skating day-

Saturday 7:15 am – 8:15 am

CanSkaters participating on the Bridging session must continue with their CanSkate session in order to qualify for the Bridging program. Skaters will skate in a CanSkate session and also in the Bridging program session.

CanSkate Information

 Skate Canada Brampton-Chinguacousy (SCBC) is proud to have all its programs taught by professional coaches who are specially trained and certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

CANSKATE has a fresh look on and off the ice with a renewed focus on teaching and mastering strong basic skills earlier to prepare skaters for all ice sports – hockey, ringette, speed skating and figure skating.  On-ice delivery focusing on continuous movement emphasizes the use of newer and more dynamic group teaching concepts including the Fast Track, Fun Zone and Station Rotation all of which has been proven to increase practice opportunities and improve the rate of skill acquisition among skaters. More visual aids and music are used to create a fun, stimulating and welcoming environment.  Skaters receive report cards and  award ribbons in addition to the Stage 1 to 6 badges.

What will I see on the ice?

The session will be divided into 4 parts: warm-up, lesson time, group activity, and cool down.  During the lesson time, the ice will be divided into 4 parts, corresponding to the 3 fundamental movements – Agility, Balance and Control and the Fun Zone! Each session, your child will visit 3 of the 4 stations, taking a spin on the fast track in between!  The fundamental movement stations will be set up in circuits to encourage continual movement.  The skater’s will be in groups, and will travel to their stations with their PA group leader.  Instruction at each fundamental movement station will be provided by a Skate Canada Professional Coach.

Clothing Information

 Skaters should dress warmly for our sessions: however, some items such as long drawstrings, scarves, dangling coat belts, etc. can be a hazard on the ice and should be avoided if possible. Active wear is best.  Jeans can be cold and restrictive. Layering works well as snow suits can be bulky to move in. Nylon material track pants and gloves are great for those skaters just starting out. We recommend wearing mittens or gloves each session, avoid using the furry/fuzzy kind as they tend to stick to the ice and leave hazardous pieces behind. We often use teaching aids which the skaters pick-up which can be a challenge in hockey gloves.

Helmet Information  CanSkate Helmet Policy  

  • Skate Canada requires all registered CanSkate participants, up to and including Stage 5 to wear a CSA approved hockey helmet while on the ice.
  • The use of CSA approved hockey helmets is a mandatory Skate Canada policy and must be adhered to by all Clubs operating Skate Canada programs.  If your child does not have a CSA approved hockey helmet they will not be allowed on the ice.
  • Bicycle, multi-sport and snowboarding/skiing helmets are not permitted as this helmet does not provide the proper protection.
  • Please make sure the helmet is not too tight or too loose with all straps fastened and long hair kept away from the face.

Skate Information

  • Make sure skates fit comfortably
  • There is room for toes to wiggle slightly
  • Heels do not lift inside the skate more than ¼ inch
  • We strongly recommend lace-up skates, as they provide the best support and promote proper movement.
  • Excess laces are tucked or tied up so that they do not hang loose or drag on the ice.
  • Double over hooks or double knot for longer laces to avoid wrapping laces around the ankle.
  • The skater should be able to stand and walk on their skates keeping their ankle straight.
  • Skate guards are mandatory. All skaters must have skate guards on their blades when not on the ice. Guards protect and keep blades sharp; dull blades prevent skaters from moving and stopping correctly.
  • Guards should be placed on the name tag table.  In the event of an emergency the skaters will need their guards on their skates.  Please ensure their names are on the guards. Guards should not left in change rooms or with the parent/guardian.

Equipment Care

  • To protect skate blades, skate guards should be worn in any area that is not protected by rubber mats.
  •  At the end of every session the blades should be wiped with a dry cloth to prevent rusting.
  • After wiping the blade do not store the skates in wet guards.
  • Skate Sharpening should be done periodically.

Important Information – City of Brampton By-Law

  • Children under 10 years of age must be under the constant supervision of a parent/guardian 16 years of age or older. Do not leave your children unattended at the rink.
  • Please ensure your children enter and exit the ice only from the designated gate/door.
  • Parents are asked to watch from the stands upstairs to allow our coaches to have the children’s full attention during the session.
  • Please do not stand inside the arena/rink as this is a distraction to the skaters.


Thank you for your interest in CanSkate.  SCBC is excited to have you aboard this season! 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in person at the arena, by phone 905-450-5581 or email  or and we will gladly answer your questions.  

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