Test Days

Test Days for the 2016-2017 season:

Thurs. Oct 20, 2016

Wed. Dec. 14, 2016

Fri. Feb 17, 2017

Tues. April 11, 2017

Tues. June 13, 2017

Wed. July 26, 2017

Wed. Aug 16, 2017   Test Day Schedule 16 Aug 17

New STAR 1-5 Assessment Format (formerly judge evaluated tests):

Under the new format, your skater will be assessed by their own coach.  Each coach must be certified no later than September of 2017.  Once your skaters’ coach is certified in the STAR 1-5 format,  they are able to begin assessing your child.  STAR 1-5 program consists of assessments in Dance, Freeskate and Skills.

If your child has already passed a Skate Canada Test under the previous system, they will be grandfathered to the appropriate level within the new system.

Assessments in the STAR 1-5 program are designed to be introduced in a semi-formal format and progress in formality to prepare the skaters for external evaluation in the Learn to Compete stage of development.

STAR 1 & 2 is the Introduction format whereby the assessments will occur in the skater’s natural training environment, during their lesson time.  This may be in group, semi or private lessons.  Practice attire is acceptable for this type of assessment.

STAR 2, 3 & 4 is the Transitional Format.  These assessments also occur in the skater’s natural training environment, during their regular lesson time and may also be conducted in group, semi or private lessons.  To increase the formality, only skaters being assesses will participate in the assessment.  Proper skating attire is required for this type of assessment.

STAR 4 & 5 is the Classic Format.  There are 2 assessments in the STAR 5 level that require this CLASSIC format which are STAR 5a Dance, and STAR 5 Freeskate Program.  All other STAR 4 & 5 assessments have the option of being performed in either the Transitional or Classic format.  Coaches will stand off the ice for the assessment to simulate an external evaluation and skaters will perform their assessment on clear ice.  Proper skating attire is required for this type of assessment.
























The assessment fees are $12 per assessment due and payable prior to the assessment taking place.

No additional administration fees are required for assessments.

Test Dates and Deadlines for Skate Canada Test with Evaluators:

Once a skater reaches Senior Bronze level, the Freeskate, skills and dance tests are taken on Test days and evaluated by Skate Canada certified evaluators.   During test days, all sessions are cancelled except CanSkate. Any exceptions will be communicated via email.

The notice informing skaters of an upcoming Test Day will be posted on the Club bulletin boards (in Pad A) three weeks before Test Day. Once you see a notice for an upcoming Test Day, ask your coach whether you/your child is ready to take a test and if so, which one.  Test envelopes will be given directly to the skater by his/her coach.  Make sure that all relevant information is filled out on the envelope and that the appropriate fees are enclosed in the envelope. The envelope should be returned to the coach before the due date.

Test fees are due one week before the test is skated. The fee includes both the Skate Canada portion of the fee, which is forwarded to Skate Canada, and the SCBC administrative fee. The SCBC administrative fee covers food, a small gift, and a mileage allowance for the judges. The judges are volunteers and are not paid for their services. This fee also covers any office supplies directly required for test days. The club administration fee is $20 per skater per test day. There will be an allowance for families with multiple skaters.  The first skater will pay a $20 admin fee and each subsequent skater (in the family) will pay a $10 admin fee. The SCBC admin fee covers food, a small gift, mileage allowance for the judges and any office supplies directly required for test days.  (All fees are subject to change).

It is your responsibility to ensure that scheduling issues are discussed with the coach as the coach has a specific deadline at which they can make “pulls”. Deadlines for the submission of Test applications will be clearly marked.  These deadlines must be respected.  They are Skate Canada Test rules which all clubs must abide by.   If the deadline is on a day that you do not skate, please submit your application prior to that date!

The test schedule will be posted on the SCBC website and bulletin board at the arena one week before test day. The dates are already scheduled. It is a rare occurrence but sometimes we need to revise a test date during the year. If this happens a notification will be posted on the website and the bulletin board in the arena. It is advisable to check regularly for any updates.

If a skater is sick and unable to try a test, a doctor’s note must be given to the Test Chair before Test day.  Lack of attendance on test day or late “pulls” will unfortunately result in the assignment of “Retry” on the test and the test fees must be paid and will not be refunded.

Test Levels

Tests are designated as Low (Senior Bronze) or High Tests (Junior Silver and above).  All skaters will be evaluated by a Skate Canada Evaluator.  Your coach will tell you when you are ready for testing.

The cost per test is $12. For tests tried in Skate Canada Clubs and Skating Schools.


$12/ Part


$12 / Test


$12 / Test

Low Tests Senior Bronze

[Elements , Part 1 or Program, Part 2]

Sr. Bronze Sr. Bronze: Ten-Fox, European Waltz, Fourteenstep, Bronze Creative Dance (3 of 4)
High Tests Jr. Silver; Sr.Silver; Gold

[Elements , Part 1 or Program, Part 2]

Jr. Silver; Sr. Silver; Gold Jr. Silver: Keats’ Foxtrot, American Waltz, Harris Tango, Rocker Foxtrot

Sr. Silver: Paso Doble, Starlight Waltz, Kilian, Blues, Cha Cha Congelado, Silver Creative Dance (4 of 6)

Gold: Viennese Waltz, Westminster Waltz, Quickstep, Argentine Tango, Silver Samba, Gold Creative Dance (4 of 6)

Diamond: Rhumba, Ravensburger, Yankee Polka, Tango Romantica, Golden Waltz Austrian Waltz (4 of 6)

Singles and Couples Interpretives: Introductory, Bronze, Silver, Gold

Scheduling: Tests are held on pre-determined days, sanctioned by the Central Ontario Section of Skate Canada.  Test days may affect regular skating and will occasionally be tried during the daytime.  It may be required for the skater to attend both days in the 2-day test days if they are testing a variety of Dances, Skills and Freeskate tests.

  •   Test schedules will be posted as soon as available.
  •   Schedules will be posted on the Club bulletin board and our website.
  •   Scheduling depends on the availability of Evaluators and may change after initial   posting.
  •   Skaters are responsible for checking the schedules regularly prior to Test Day.

TEST DAY TIPS! All skaters should be at the arena and ready to skate at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled skate time.

  •   Scheduling is not an “exact science” and we do sometimes run ahead or behind schedule.
  •   Skaters should register with the Ice Captain and their Coach on arrival.
  •   Skaters waiting to test should remain in Dressing Room area until time for their warm up.
  •   Skaters not checked in 15 minutes before the warm up commences for their test category will forfeit the opportunity to test.  No credit will be issued and the test will be marked as a retry.
  •   Skaters should be courteous of other skaters taking Tests by keeping the volume of noise to a minimum while in the Dressing Room and by the boards.
  •   Parents are welcome and are strongly encouraged to attend and support the skaters. We request that you view your skater outside of the sliding doors or upstairs in the stands.
  •   For parents with young skaters, we ask that you put on skates (don’t forget hard guards) outside of the sliding door and proceed to the Ice Captain for check in.  Only skaters are allowed past the Ice Captains’ desk.
  •   To minimize spectators and traffic, only skaters awaiting their test, coaches and Ice Captains are permitted near the boards for the security and safety of the skaters.
  •   When the skater’s test is complete, skaters are to wait in the dressing room or outside of the sliding doors for the test results.
  •   Skaters and parents should not communicate with the judges.  If the skater requires feedback or clarification on their test sheet, consult your coach.

Proper Test Day Attire

  •   Please consult your coach for guidance on appropriate attire for testing.
  •   Warm sweaters and gloves may be worn during the warm-up period immediately prior to a Test.

Care of Skates Prior to Test Day

  •   When a skater knows that he/she will be trying a Test, ask the coach if their skates need sharpening.
  •   Coaches will be able to recommend a reputable sharpening service.
  •  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Test Chair at test@skatescbc.ca

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