July 18th Test Day Schedule

High Test Day Schedule July 18

All skaters should be at the arena and ready to skate at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled skate time.

  • Scheduling is not an “exact science” and we do sometimes run ahead or behind schedule.
  • Skaters should register with the Ice Captain and their Coach on arrival.
  • Skaters waiting to test should remain in Dressing Room area until time for their warm up.
  • Skaters not checked in 15 minutes before the warm up commences for their test category will forfeit the opportunity to test. No credit will be issued and the test will be marked as a retry.
  • Skaters should be courteous of other skaters taking Tests by keeping the volume of noise to a minimum while in the Dressing Room and by the boards.
  • Parents are welcome and are strongly encouraged to attend and support the skaters. We request that you view your skater outside of the sliding doors or upstairs in the stands.
  • Parents with young skaters, we ask that you put on skates (don’t forget hard guards) outside of the sliding door and proceed to the Ice Captain for check in. Only skaters are permitted past the Ice Captains’ desk.
  • To minimize spectators and traffic, only skaters awaiting their test, coaches and Ice Captains are permitted near the boards for the security and safety of the skaters.
  • When the skater’s test is complete, skaters are to wait in the dressing room or outside of the sliding doors for the test results.
  • Skaters and parents should not communicate with the judges. If the skater requires feedback or clarification on their test sheet, consult your coach.
  • Please check your skater’s record regularly at Skate Canada > Members Only and especially 6-8 weeks after a test day which they took part in to ensure that the records are accurate.

Wishing all skaters the best in their tests!