2023-2024 SCBC Skater Results:

2024 Skate Ontario Provincial Championships

2024 Skate Ontario Adult Championships

2024 Skate Canada Novice National Championships & Canada Cup

Skate Ontario STAR 1-4 Series: Newmarket Ice Blitz

Skate Ontario Provincials Series: Flower City Invitational

2024 Skate Canada Pre-Novice/Novice Challenge

Skate Ontario Star 1-4 Series: Mississauga Snowflake Skate

Skate Ontario Provincials Series: Lasalle

Skate Ontario Provincials Series: Milton Winter Skate

Skate Ontario Star 1-4 Series: Orono

Skate Ontario Provincials Series: Bowmanville

Skate Ontario Provincials Series: Stratford

Skate Ontario Pre-Novice / Novice Sectional Championships & December Sectionals Series Event: Huntsville

Skate Ontario Provincials Series: Keswick

Skate Ontario November Sectionals Series

Skate Ontario October Sectionals Series

Skate Ontario August Sectionals Series

2023 National Showcase Competition

Skate Ontario July Sectionals Series

2022-2023 SCBC Skater Results:

2023 Spring Skate Festival

2023 Skate Ontario Provincial Championships

2023 Adult Competitions

2023 Skate Canada Novice Canadian Championships & Canada Cup

2023 Skate Canada Pre-Novice & Novice Challenge

2023 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships

2023 Provincials Series Events

2023 Skate Canada Junior & Senior Challenge

Skate Ontario Sectionals Series: Fall Events & Sectional Championships

Skate Ontario Sectionals Series: August Competition

Skate Ontario Sectionals Series: July Competition + NextGen

2021-2022 SCBC Skater Results:

Super Series: Stratford December Classic

2022 Skate Canada Challenge

2021 Skate Ontario Sectional Championships

2022 National Skating Championships

Super Series: Brampton Flower City Invitational

Super Series: K.I.S.

Super Series: Milton Winter Skate

Star 1-4 Series: Milton Frost

2019-2020 SCBC skater results:

Super Series #13: Brampton Flower City Invitational

Super Series #12: Lasalle 

Super Series #10: Milton Winterskate

Star 1-4 Series: Lake Simcoe

Super Series #6: Charles Dover Memorial

Super Series #4: Stratford December Classic

2020 Skate Canada Challenge

Super Series #3: KIS

Super Series #2: Blades in Baltimore

2019 Skate Ontario Sectional Championships

2019 Octoberfest

Skate Ontario Paris Autumn Skate

Summer Fun Star 5 – Gold Event

Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships (NAC)

2019 US National Showcase Event

2019 Minto Summer Skate

Skate Ontario results can be found on the Skate Ontario website.

Skate Canada results can be found on the Skate Canada website.