Program Registration

Registration will be available online on Friday April 20, 2018 through our registration portal on the SCBC website.

There is NO Skating on Monday July 2, 2018.

All new members must pay the following non refundable fees:
$45 total containing : Skate Canada Registration $32, Skate Canada Insurance Fee $0.65, Skate Canada Safe Sport Fee $3 and SCBC Admin Fee $9.35

Reservation Rules

All Summer day sessions (Dance, A, B, C) must be booked for a minimum of TWO (2) weeks.
Where a session reaches a maximum number of skaters and a waiting list is created, priority will be given to skaters with multiple week registrations. Registrations with the greater number of weekly bookings will have priority over all others.

The evening programming is a 7 week program only; there is no option to select individual weekly registrations.

Program Withdrawal

For day programming: Weekly day registrations are subject to a full refund, where notification of the intent to withdrawal is received by the SCBC Membership Chair, on the Friday of the week prior to the session commencing. Requests are to be emailed to [email protected] only. Requests will not be accepted through the SCBC coaching staff. If approved, the refund is subject to a $30.00 administration surcharge.

For evening programming: Requests for refunds are to be submitted in writing within 2 days of the start of the skaters’ active skating session. NO refund will be granted if received after the first 2 days of the session. All requests must be submitted in writing to both the following SCBC representatives, the Membership Chair [email protected] and the Treasurer [email protected], for consideration. If approved, the refund is subject to a $30.00 administration surcharge.

The following fees on your initial registration for the session are non-refundable:  $45 total containing $32.00 Skate Canada registration fee, $0.65 Skate Canada Insurance fee, $3.00 Safe Sport fee and the $9.35 Administration fee.

Full Day Program (Ice / Off-Ice / Supervised Break)

All full day program participants are required to supply their own lunch and snacks. Lunch and snacks are not provided by SCBC.
Daily nutritious snacks are essential to maintain energy levels for your skater.
SCBC Full Day Program operates as a nut free environment. Other snack or food restrictions may be communicated as they become known.
Please ensure your skater comes with their own refillable water bottle.
SCBC Full Day Program will involve outdoor physical activity (weather permitting), please ensure your skater is properly attired and equipped with sunscreen and water bottle.

Off Ice Programming

Off ice conditioning will involve outdoor physical activity (weather permitting), please ensure your skater is properly attired and equipped with sunscreen and water bottle.

Off ice Training is only available to those skaters registered in the Summer day program, and only for the weeks that you are registered in.

All Off ice training will take place on Cassie Campbell Community Center (CCCC) property, unless otherwise indicated.

Summer Qualifications:  

Day programming:

Level “A”- Passed Full Sr. Silver Freeskate

Level “B”-Passed Star 5 Elements and Program (Full Jr. Bronze Freeskate) or Sr. Bronze Skills

Level “C”- Min. Level 6 CanSkate Badge or at the discretion of SCBC Skating Assessment Committee.
Consideration for the safety of the skater and session will take priority.

Dance – only skaters registered in the SCBC Dance program or Approval from the Dance Program Coaching staff

Session Invitational: Skaters who are qualified for Level “A” or “B” and skaters registered in the Dance program are eligible to purchase tickets for this session.

For skaters registered in the day programming, the price of the Session Invitational is $10/session and can be purchased pay as you go or online for the weeks you are registered in. There is a limit to the number of skaters on the session, so we recommend that you purchase in advance online.

Evening Programming:                 

Low General – Skaters who qualify for the SCBC Bronze or Silver session are eligible for the Low General session.

High General – Skaters who qualify for the SCBC Gold or Platinum session are eligible for the High General session.

Open InvitationalSkaters in the evening programming or skaters not registered for either the evening or day programming who would like to skate in the Open Invitational would be required to pay $ 125/ week for a minimum of 2 weeks. Registration for this session must be completed in advance online.

Test Days:

Test Day activities are planned to take place in the evening after regularly scheduled day session activities.

July Test Day – July 18th, 2018

August Test Day – August 15th, 2018



Full Day Program Pricing includes supervision during breaks.

** Schedule and pricing are subject to change*