To further support our vision of inspiring all Canadians to embrace the joy of skating,

Skate Canada is proud to introduce the enhanced National Safe Sport Program with updated policies and procedures to improve safety within our community.

“Skate Canada’s commitment to safe sport involves everyone in our community to embed the safety and welfare of all individuals into the culture of skating,” said Debra Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, Skate Canada. “The National Safe Sport Program is designed to enhance the safety of all individuals participating in skating on and off the ice.”

“Being a leading safe sport organization involves having robust policies and procedures, but also requires deliberate action, which includes a proactive approach to education and a thorough reporting system. Today, our program is now better suited to achieve these items. As a community, we can provide an environment where everyone feels respected, valued and supported to reach their full potential and our improved National Safe Sport Program is another step in that direction.”

For more information on the Skate Canada National Safe Sport Program please visit the Skate Canada website here: